Maroon 5 et leur clip « Sugar » : une histoire montée de toutes pièces

Je ne sais pas si finalement, les gens devraient en faire tout un plat de cette histoire concernant le clip Sugar, mais en tout ça fait jaser sur le web. Au point où les gens de Six Thirty ont décidé de faire une petite enquête. Pour résumer, un représentant du groupe Maroon 5 fait croire que le clip est authentique et qu’il s’agit de demandes de futurs mariés pour faire une surprise à leur future femme le jour des noces en demandant au groupe de chanter à leur réception. Les gens de Six Thirty observent plutôt  qu’il s’agit d’acteurs et d’actrices payé (e) s pour les besoins du clip. À vous de juger !

According to CNN, “The video was shot in the Los Angeles area on December 6, 2014. In it, the band drives from wedding venue to wedding venue, and sneaks up on stage that’s enclosed by giant curtains.”

Thanks, CNN. Ground-breaking news…as always.

“Only the grooms knew in each case,” a representative for Maroon 5 told Entertainment Tonight. “The band is not sure if the grooms’ disclosed it to their bride and wedding party.’”

The video was directed by David Dobkin. And although CNN reported that the video was taped in December, Dobkin may have slipped up in an interview with VH1.

“So we’ve known each other for a long time and always talked about doing something together but were never able to get our schedules lined up – he shot me an email saying, ‘Hey man are you available in November to do a video?’, and I said “Yeah!”

November, December, August…they’re all the same thing.

Besides the fact that this is one of those songs that gets worse every single time you listen to it (okay, maybe the first minute of the song is kind of catchy) – the entire production was clearly staged.

Thanks to Alex Rees at Cosmopolitan, actual journalists have begun to find evidence that this music video is actually complete and utter bullshit. As you’ll see in his updated blog on the matter, the following people you see in the video are confirmed actors:

Article complet :

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